Postcards in the city

Postcards in the city (Photo credit: m-c)

Today is the first time for me. I received email from postcrossing team after join since last month. I was so surprised.  Aha! :d  This is wonderful.  Because of this is my first experience, so I tell in here as my reminded.

They told me that a post card that I sent to Nedherlands received. Ya, I sent five different post card before. From five postcards that I sent simultaneously, the beginning arrived was to Netherlands. Hehe, thank you very much “PT. POS INDONESIA” for kindly help and post office in Nedherlands, too. You make me happy today.

So, I can request one next address to send a post card. And then send next post card that I was prepared before.  After send my request… what happen? Hurray! I get an address in Taiwan as next purpose. It’s nice! I will go to post office and send it tomorrow. While waiting information about 4 other post card that was sent on 2nd December 2013.

I think that all my impression for the beginning. And I believe that I will get surprised in near future. I hope the sender is a kind person and keep smile when sending his/her post card to me.  So, there is many question in my mind now, about the sender. Who? From where? And What is the post card picture? About this, I will tell you if I received it, later.


*)  Inhale, exhale…! Make notes that much in English, I’m struggling to finished. Haha. It also assisted with the dictionary. Until strung a few paragraphs. Alhamdulillah. Its core, I’m glad I can put out my first impressions. Impression when I discovered that one postcard that I sent last week turned out to have reached the destination with happy. Well , congratulations yaa. Then, I smiled at him from here. Since we have been apart. And I was waving fingers to the left and right turns, I send greetings for it. To renew our friendship. Hopefully I can visit Netherlands, where you live now, O my dear postcards.

As for my impressions of the new activity for me, was really fun. And join postcrossing brings new color in my life, hopefully. So the days become more meaningful in the future. Along with postcards that deliveries. Then I also received back a different a postcard. Either from whom there. And I’m sure that we have never say hello, or have not been met. But if we have met before, hopefully reunion event will be nostalgic for us. 😀

🙂 🙂 🙂

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